About Us

Banh Mi Bistro is a new venture, conceived by a husband and wife after managing another family business — Little Saigon Restaurant in Glendale — for over 10 years. While it had been great to work with family and create friendships with so many amazing loyal customers, it has always been the couple’s dream to open their own establishment. They are happy to finally make their dreams come true and bring to Phoenix classic and modern takes on the signature bánh mì Vietnamese sandwich as well as other staple dishes and specialty drinks. In keeping with tradition, they prepare everything with fresh, authentic ingredients, including locally-baked bread and homemade pâté! We welcome you to come by and try out our wonderful selection of foods and drinks today!

History of Banh Mi

Bread was first introduced to the Vietnamese in the late 18th century when Vietnam fell under French colonial rule. The first bánh mì was a French baguette with butter, ham or pâté — the traditional, minimal Parisian sandwich. In 1954, French rule ended, and the Vietnamese people began to impose their own influence on bánh mì — butter was replaced with a mayonnaise-like spread, then cured hams, pickled vegetables, coriander (cilantro) and fresh chillies were added for flavour. What started as emulation produced a hybrid copy far superior to the original. The world first got introduced to bánh mì with the influx of Vietnamese refugees in the late 1970s and 80s following the Vietnam War. The Vietnamese refugees set up small bakeries producing bánh mì for their community but as time went on, it started to become very popular outside these communities. Today, bánh mì is found all over the world, including New York, California, London, New Orleans, Texas, Canada, Germany, France, Australia… and now, Phoenix, Arizona!


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